Blog Posts

Blog posts will be created in this course to help us learn and investigate 3 different aspects of Tropical Marine Biology, specifically the Coral Reef: Understanding the System, Identifying the Problem, and Evaluating Solutions.

Links to the blog posts will be listed under the correct topic including posts from my self and other classmates.

Understanding the System

What is a coral? What is a coral reef? How are they formed? Why are they important? How do they function as ecosystems? What major roles are played by the organisms that live there and in associated habitats? Why should we care about them? Where are they found? How do reefs around the world differ? What types of reefs are there?  What current studies are being done to help us learn more about reef function, structure, etc.? Why is basic research on reef ecology, etc. important?

Identifying the Problem

What are the environmental threats to reefs, associated habitats and reef species? How do the types and scales of effects vary from local to global? What characteristics make reefs vulnerable? Which particular problems are more common in which areas of the globe? What human and political contexts endanger reefs?  Which species are the most heavily impacted?

Evaluating Solutions

What work is being done to address the conservation of reefs?  What scientific research helps us to address reef conservation?  What political strategies are being employed? What has worked, what hasn’t? How is this affected by the particular political system in which a reef is situated? What environmental management, protection, restoration practices exist for small vs. med vs. large systems?  What reef conservation organizations exist (local to global), how effective are they?

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